This is why you need an ADV (Adventure Tourer) motorcycle!

Are you into touring long distances?

If your answer is yes, you need to start weighing the option of owning an adventure (ADV) motorcycle.

An ADV has that X-factor, to turn even a dull ride into a fun one. All you need to do is to take a detour from the highway.

First, let’s “talk about tech”!

If you are old school, you might hate this. But computers do react much faster than humans, and can be the difference between life and death.

Knowing that traction control has got your back, inspires you to enter and exit that curve confidently, even after a slight rainfall

Superior Riding Posture

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Upright sitting posture exerts less pressure on wrists, back and knees.

The 19″ front wheel coupled with, high and wide handlebars, and the low seat height gives the rider an upright riding posture. It takes away the pressure from your back, shoulder and wrists.

The high handle bars and low pegs make standing for manoeuvering difficult terrains, relatively comfortable.

And despite the low seat height, ADV gives you better ground clearance, so that gravels, boulders and slushy road aren’t much of a problem.

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Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

And, have a look at that metal bash-plate underneath!

Luxury Accessories

Nearly all ADVs come with some cool and luxurious accesories. Heated grips and seats, luggage mounting system, cruise control, adjustable suspension, traction control, tyre pressure monitor to name a few.

There are different riding modes for different weathers, terrains and performance.

The downside is, getting used to a computer doing the adjustments for you. So, when you move back to a bike without one, it takes a bit getting used to.

ADVs come with a powerful stator battery so that you don’t have to worry while charging your phone or your GoPro. You can also install powerful LED lighting, to counter the incoming highbeams, during a night ride.

Fuel Capacity gif maker
Honda Africa Twin with 24.8L fuel tank.

On a long ride, you don’t want to take several fuel stops. ADVs have relatively large fuel tanks. This becomes ever more important when you have gas stations far and few in between.

Enough positives, Let’s look at, why not to buy an ADV?

Number one demerit is, ADVs are expensive.

Their are some lower end versions like the BMW G310GS, which is a 300cc version of the mighty BMW R 1250GS. It doesn’t come with all the specifications, of course. The KTM 390 Adventure is a suitable entry level ADV and its affordable too.

enduro 3116194 1920
The beast, BMW R1250 GS.

Second is, though aluminium and carbon fibre are used to reduce the weight, ADVs are still very heavy bikes. So, if you are thinking about cutting through traffic in an ADV, you may need to reconsider. Its not easy to manoeuvre an ADV through heavy traffic.

Third, These bikes have low to moderate mileage. This is compensated by a large fuel tank. If you are willing to buy a beast, a few extra bucks on fuel is probably not one of your problems.

If you see a rough road disappearing into the woods, give it a go!


The best part about riding an adventure bike, is the minute you roll off the asphalt into a rough road.

Adventure bikes offer dual sports capability. You will be equally comfortable cruising on a highway or chugging along over rocks, across sands and over streams.

Take the road less taken and you will experience uncluttered beauty of nature, and solitude. Not many people would have been there.

While almost all the other bikes can be used for touring, adventure bikes are known to overcome whatever comes in their path. They can take you to places where others have never been to. You can venture into the woods, light a campfire and be all by yourself, among nature. ADVs inspire confidence within you, so that you can ride without fear.

So get out, and get Dirty!

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