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The next big thing in motorcycle safety – Dainese Smart Jacket!

Motorcycles and safety don’t rhyme along. Neither phonetically nor by any means. That is why use of riding gears, most common one being helmets, riding jackets, gloves, elbow and knee caps becomes so necessary. Dainese has been the leading innovators in the field of motorcycle safety since the last 25 years.

The new Dainese Smart Jacket is a revolution in terms of motorcyclist safety. Dainese’s Smart Jacket brings D-Air airbag safety system that was first pioneered in Moto-GP, for everyday use. The new Dainese Smart Jacket is ultra-light and can be worn underneath your riding gear.That means, you can still wear your favourite jacket, without compromising on your safety.

The jacket, which looks more like a vest, is very practical in terms of use. It is well ventilated and can be worn in any weather conditions, even under heavy downpour. And, when not in use, it can be folded and it can go in your top-box or bag.

Once fully charged, the vest is ready to protect you for 26 hours. Its complex algorithm enables it to automatically recognise dangerous situations and activate immediately, whenever it needs to. If it’s been activated, all you have to do is take it to an authorized dealer, who will replace the internal Shield with no hassle, no complex operations and no long wait times.

To switch from standby to active mode, the Smart Jacket’s system uses the system’s accelerometers, gyroscopes, and GPS to look for two conditions: vibrations from the motorcycle and proof that the bike is traveling at more than 6 mph (10 kph). If either one is detected, the vest will arm itself. Every time the system switches from standby to active or back, the vibramotor delivers a 3-second buzz to inform the rider. 


There are some disadvantages to it too. The lack of ON/OFF switch and the vest disarms itself even while stopping at traffic, which is very annoying because of the three second vibration.

Although it is still not available in India And, I don’t think it will be available anytime soon. Its price overseas is 699$, which is a lot. But a bargain when it comes to matter of a few scratches and minor injuries versus fatal injuries.

You can read the complete review over here. Guys at MO have tried and tested it.

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