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Revolt RV400 — India’s first AI enabled Electric Vehicle (EV)

It has already been a year since it was first announced. It grabbed attention then, by becoming the most searched term on the internet. Being a first in segment or bringing a whole new segment altogether, grabs attention.

But, what looked very promising at start, has fizzled out. Don’t take me wrong, it isn’t the manufacturers fault. It is maybe because a large part of Indian motorcycle market isn’t just yet ready, for an electric vehicle. And Indian electric vehicle market isn’t ready for Revolt RV400.

People have doubts, some very amusing ones like, ‘Is it gonna short-circuit in rain?’, they say and some genuine ones like, ‘Does the battery have enough power take me back and forth to work?’, or, ‘Will the battery retain its capacity for a few years?’.

Q: How to charge the Revolt RV400?

Same as your smartphone or laptop. Plug the charger and wait.

But, imagine you put your bike to charge overnight and the first thing you realise in the morning, you forgot to switch the charger on. Damn! A grumpy mood and a discharged bike, not the ideal morning!

Although, Revolt Intellicorp, headed by Rahul Sharma, Co-founder of Micromax mobiles, has an interesting feature, wherein you can order a completely charged battery, which will be delivered right to your doorstep within 90 minutes (subject to traffic risk). Cool! But I might skip it. Because, I am not sure about the quality of battery I will be getting in a swap.

Revolt also has switch stations, where you can switch your battery with a fully charged one. But again the same dilemma.

Revolt offers warranty on the battery for 8 years or 1,50,000 Kms, whichever comes first. But, I am not sure how Revolt intellicorp intends to implement it. Due to the unpredictability of number of years, distance covered, and quality, in battery swapping.

Revolt RV400 Battery Specs

Q: Does Revolt RV400 feature Artificial Intelligence?

As per the makers, yes it does. But what exactly does it do?

Nothing significant. Although, you can start stop the bike using your smartphone. And not just you, the company can stop your bike too. Read on to find out how.

You can check battery vitals using your phone. You can geo-locate your bike. You can geofence your bike, i.e. your bike will be able to tell if you are near it using your smartphone.

I think the coolest feature is, you can choose and change your exhaust note from four different sounds, based on your mood. Yes, the bike uses speakers for exhaust sound, to make the bike a little more normal. Electric engine doesn’t produce any sound, unlike the Internal combustion Engine (ICE).

Q: What is the cost of charging a Revolt RV400 battery?

Although the cost per unit electricity varies from city to city and service provider to provider, here is how you can calculate cost of charging a Revolt RV400 battery.

Battery capacity:- 3.24 kWh (1 kWh = 1 unit of electricity)

Electricity required depends on the efficiency of the charger. Initially, when the battery is empty, charger efficiency is the highest. But as the battery gets full, it gets more and more difficult for the charger to push in more electrons to a already near-full battery.

Which is exactly why, Revolt RV400 battery takes 3 hours to charge for the first 75% and 1.5 more hours for the rest. So it is, 0-75% in 3 hours and 0-100% in 4.5 hours.

Back to charging cost, yes.

Let us assume overall battery efficiency as 80%.

Electricity Consumption:- 3.24 * 100/80 = 4.05 Units

Charging Cost:- 4.05 * (Cost of 1 unit of electricity) = 4.05 * 2.50 = Rs. 10.125 (Approx Rs. 11)

On a full charge, the bike can travel 140-156 Km. Which means approximately 12 Km per 1 Rupee.

Battery & Remote

Q: How far can it go in a single charge?

Revolt Intellicorp. claims that, Revolt RV400 can go 156 Km on a single charge at a constant speed of 45 Kmph, in Eco-mode. In normal mode, its range comes down to 100 Km and in sports mode it comes down further to 80 Km.

While, on road you can see variations depending upon the way it is ridden. Some long term users, who have ridden it for more than 13,000 Km say that, it gives around 140 Km in a single charge, when going at 35 Km/h speed.

Clearly, long distance touring is not its forte.

Q: Is the Revolt RV400 comfortable to ride?

Since you can’t go on a long trip with it, and will be riding around the city, comfortableness is overwhelmed by practicality.

Anyways, long term users have complained about the tank, (not exactly tank, since there is not one) being very narrow, is difficult to grip. Hence it causes a bit of pain in the thighs and groin area. The seats are very slippery and hence, you tend to slide forward when braking.

Q: Do I need license for Revolt RV400, being an gearless/automatic vehicle?

As the top speed of Revolt RV400 exceeds 25 Kmph, you need a two-wheeler license to ride it. Revolt RV400 has a top speed of 80 Kmph.

Revolt RV400

Q: How much horsepower does the engine generate and what is its top speed?

Power can be measured in kW (kilo-watt) or hp (horsepower).

1 kW = 1.36 hp

Revolt RV400 has a battery power of 3 kW. Which amounts to:-

(3 * 1.36) hp = 4.08 hp.

In comparison, the Pulsar 125 produces, approximately 10 hp. But the Pulsar 125 is 140 Kg and Revolt RV400 is just 108 Kgs. Which is why it has a top speed of 80 Kmph. It has three different modes. Eco-mode has a top speed of 45 Kmph, Normal mode has a top speed of 65 Kmph and sports mode has a top speed of 80 Kmph.

You may think of it as a little underpowered, but if you consider you will be riding inside the city limits, that is just about enough.

Q: In which cities is it available?

As of September 2020, Revolt has dealership in six cities. Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai. Surprisingly, Revolt doesn’t have a dealership in Bangalore.

You can buy if you live in these cities or if you live within rideable distance of these cities. Because, for maintenance or repairs, you will have to take your bike to the showroom.

Available Cities

Q: What is the price of Revolt RV400?

Although its Ex-showroom price is Rs. 98,999 – 1.03 Lakhs, for now it is only available on a monthly subscription basis. Revolt is definitely revolutionizing the way motorcycles are purchased. If you have ever thought of taking a motorcycle loan, subscription is exactly like paying EMI, just better. You don’t even have to approach a bank, whose lunch hours don’t seem to end.

How this works is, you subscribe to one among two available plans, Revolt MyPlan for Rs. 3,499 and Revolt MyPlan premium plan for Rs. 3,999.

The base plan excludes some of the features such as, immobiliser, push start, remote and 3 year 4G plan. But users can buy them with a payment of Rs. 16,998. Base plan has a monthly installment of Rs. 3,499 for 37 months. Which amounts to a total of Rs. 1,29,463.

The premium plan includes all those which were excluded, along with a one-time free tyre replacement in the first three year. With a monthly installment of Rs. 3,999 for 37 months, total amounts to Rs. 1,47,963.

Along with that, both the plans offer free maintenance for 3 years/30,000 Kms, free insurance and battery warranty for 8 years/ 1,50,000 Kms.

If you fail to pay the monthly fee, Revolt can shut down your bike.

Ha! That’s the AI we were talking about. Actually, it is no AI, it’s just remote controlled.

If you transfer your ownership to someone else, the other person will carry on from where you left the subscription.

Q: What do you suggest the manufacturer?

Well, we would like to suggest the manufacturers, to add a wireless charging system. There should be designated charging spots in the cities, where you can just park your bike and it starts charging itself. No need of plugging in and switching on.

Revolt RV400

Q: Why should I buy a Revolt RV400?

Now, the all important question.

There is very little that makes it stand out from the rest of the commuter bikes, except being an electric bike ofcourse. But then again, it has low recurring costs, like fuel and maintenance costs like oil change etc. You don’t need to spend a dime on maintenance for the first 3 years.

If you are futuristic, if you care about the environment, if you are conscious about your carbon footprint, and if you want a bit of fun while doing those mundane chores like, buying groceries, dropping someone and travelling to work, you can definitely go for it.

Because, “Future is electric“.

Revolt Rv400 Specifications

Engine and Transmission

Max Torque170 Nm
Drive TypeBelt Drive
Motor TypeMid Drive
Motor Power3000 W
Range150 km/charge
Battery Charging Time4.5 Hours
StartingSelf Start Only
Engine and Transmission

Features and Safety

Braking TypeCombi Brake System
Charging PointYes
Fast ChargingYes
Pass SwitchYes
Riding ModesYes
Features and Safety

Chassis and Suspension

ChassisLight Weight Single Cradle Frame
Body TypeElectric Bike
Front SuspensionInverted
Rear SuspensionMonoshock
Chassis and Suspension

Dimensions And Capacity

Saddle Height814 mm
Ground Clearance214 mm
Kerb Weight108 Kg
Load Capacity150 Kg
Wheelbase1350 mm
Dimensions and Capacity


Head LightLED, Projector
Tail LightLED
Turn Signal LampLED
Battery TypeLIthium-Ion
Battery Capacity72V
Low Battery IndicatorYes

Tyres and Brakes

Tyre SizeFront 90/80-17, Rear 120/80-17
Tyre TypeTubeless
Wheel SizeFront :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Wheel TypeAlloy
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Front Brake Diameter240 mm
Rear Brake Diameter240 mm
Tyres & Brakes

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