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Owning a Superbike — Total costs of owning for a year — India 2020

Have you also dreamt about riding to places, meeting people and making awesome memories? Or do you want to look cool, suited up, wearing a shiny black helmet, taking your mean machine for a spin?

If you have dreamt about owning a superbike, you need to consider the cost of owning one before buying, because, like they say, “the best buyer is the well-informed one”.

There are two types of costs involved. One time costs and recurring costs. One time cost is what you pay upfront while buying s bike. You just have to pay it once. Recurring cost is what you have to pay again and again albeit after a certain intervals. Maintenance and parts change cost are example of recurring costs.

For calculating our estimate cost for owning a superbike we choose a few parameters.

  • We choose the cheapest and affordable bike in India, which can be categorized in to superbikes. The Kawasaki Z900. For the sake of this article we consider any bike above 750cc as a superbike.
  • We also consider that we are no billionaires, ofcourse. So we pay the price in installments. We choose a superbike loan from HDFC Bank. You can choose any bank that is favourable to you.
  • Every other items that we buy, for example gloves, helmets, jackets, we find a balance between price and quality. Like typical middle class peoples.
  • For fuel expenses, we thought of ourselves as normal working class people, who do a short ride two weekends in a month. And a long trip once a year. No, we don’t use our superbikes for commuting. We commute in an Hornet 2.0.
  • We only do scheduled maintenance, only stuff that are necessary, like oil change, tyres change and no fancy modifications.

Keeping these parameters in mind, lets calculate how much owning a superbike for a year, costs us. Let’s start with one time costs.

Buying a Bike

At 650cc, we have the Royal Enfield Interceptor, but as stated before, we only consider anything above 750cc as a superbike. Cheapest superbike will be the Kawasaki Z900, costing 7.70 lakhs ex-showroom, and 8.67 lakhs on-road in Bhubaneswar.

We peasants can not pay it right away, so we need to take a loan. Let’s suppose we took a loan for 3 years from HDFC bank, because the manager is my close friend. I am sure he will give me a discount. Manager says EMI will amount to Rs 28,793/- per month. Which means, in a year it will amount to Rs 3,45,516.

You can use the HDFC – Superbike loan EMI calculator to get a idea about how much it can cost you.

Buying Safety Gears

If you are buying a superbike worth lakhs, a machine capable of reaching insane speeds, you definitely need to spend wisely on your safety. Nothing fancy, just the basic “safety gear” stuff.

The most important part of a riding gear is, helmet, no surprises there. Unlike cricketers, who took 100 years to realise that head is also as important as the crotch, we bikers know how important a helmet is. If you still don’t agree, try googling “helmet pictures after crash”.

So, a good quality superbike helmet will at least cost Rs 10,000.

Next on our list is riding jackets, pants or complete suit. Riding jacket and pants will cost at least 4-5,000. A leather suit of racing standard will be much expensive.

Next you need to invest on riding boots. No, normal boots will not protect your ankles in case of a crash. Standing up on your feet and moving out of the way quickly is extremely important in case you crash. A pair of riding boot and gloves will cost anywhere around 4-5,000.

Are you keeping tab on how much have we spent until now? Don’t bother, we will do it in the end.

Oh no! Here comes the recurring costs!

Maintenance and Repairs

owning a superbike

Maintaining a superbike is very tedious job. You have to shell out money, just to keep it in shape.

Servicing Costs

Your bike needs servicing after every 4-6 months or after 3-5 thousand kilometres. For each servicing you will have to shell out 7k-8k. But that depends on your manufacturer and availability of service centers. If the nearest certified service center is 200 Kms away from you, you have to transport or ride your vehicle there and wait for them to finish their job and then ride back. It will cost money and time.

Now, a regular maintenance includes labour charge and routine oil and filter change only. That is Rs 15,000 a year just to keep it in good condition.

Fuel Expense

The question every Indian has to a superbiker is “Bhaiya, mileage kitna deti hai” (Bro, how much mileage does it give?). So, the question is how much is it gonna cost you for fuel?

Let’s take the example of our bike, the Kawasaki Z900. Z900 gives 15 Kmpl inside city and 22 Kkpl on the highway. If we take the average, it is 18.5 Kmpl. Which means 18.5 Km for Rs. 82.64. So per Kilometre it amounts to Rs 4.5.

Let’s consider I ride it mostly on the highway. And, I go on short breakfast rides of 200 Km average, on two weekends in a month. That will be 24 rides in a year.

(200 Km rides) * (24 times a year) = 4800 Km.

(4800 Kms) * (Rs. 4.5) = Rs 21,600 — 1

And I also go on 4 long trips a year, averaging 1000 Kms. That will be 4000 Km a year.

(4000 Kms) * (Rs. 4.5) = Rs 18,000 — 2

The grand total will be Rs 39,600, if we add some miscellaneous miles to it and let’s round it off to Rs 42,000 a year.

Tyre Change Costs

The last one on maintenance list, superbikes need to have their tyre changed after every 10,000 kms. So, as I ride approx. 10,000 Kms a year, II need to change my tyre once every year. It will set me back by around Rs 20,000.


Finally, it is compulsory to have your bike insured. I checked my premium here on Bike Insurance Calculator, for Z900 and it amounts to Rs 15,000. You can check yours too.


So, I took you through most of the major expenses that you might encounter while owning and riding a superbike herein India. Let’s calculate how much owning a Z900 will cost me for the first year.

EMI for 12 months = Rs 3,45,516, Safety gears = Rs 20,000, Maintenance = Rs 77,000 (Includes servicing, fuel and tyre change), Insurance = Rs 15,000.

So, in total, owning a superbike on EMI for three years will cost me Rs 4,57,516, for the first year.

superbike costs

End Note

I am sure you got a fair idea, and now you can calculate the cost of your dream bike using the same methods and tools that I used.

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