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New Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Launched Today— Check Price, Features, Images & Launch Updates.

If we have to sum it up in one word, then “Beautiful”!

It has been a couple of year since the Interceptor twins and since then Royal Enfield had not released a new motorcycle. The Meteor 350 had been delayed, speculatively due to Honda wanting to launch its own 350cc cruiser. The pressure was on Royal Enfield to come up with a worthy rival.

Well, it has now, and it has done so with a bang!

The best thing about this motorcycle is that nothing has been carried over from the likes of Thunderbirds or Classics. It is an all new, made from the ground up model. The engine is new, the frame is made from scratch and there are some new interesting features too.

Purchasing and ownership experience

During the launch, Royal Enfield’s CEO Vinod Dasari, stressed more on providing a seamless purchase and ownership experience. Purchase will be made easy using the Royal Enfield “Make it Yours” App, where you can fully customize your bike with different colour combinations. You get as many as 5,00,000 permutations that lets you customise the bike. For the Meteor 350 you have 15 colour options for the fuel tank.

Apart from Road-side Assistance for minor repairs, there is the Royal Enfield Diagnostic app, by which a mechanic anywhere in the world can advise you about what is wrong with your bike.

Trippr – Navigating Tool

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is the first bike from the manufacturer to feature turn-by-turn navigation feature. The hybrid, twin-pod style console has an analogue speedometer and a small TFT display on the side. The TFT display will show turn-by-turn navigations. You can connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth. This will be helpful for wanderers, those who are keen to venture into the unknown, or those who take the road less travelled.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Console

Refined all-new engine

The engine is made from ground up. No parts has been carried from earlier motorcycles. The exhaust note is very endearing. It produces 20.2 bhp of max power. The manufactures also talked about an extra 1000 rpm range which has been added specifically to reduce vibrations. Due to lower vibrations, it will be perfect for long distance tourers who love cruising at higher speeds. (There was no mention of Main Shaft Co-axial Balancer which the Honda CB350 has to reduce vibrations, maybe RE missed a trick there).

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Doesn’t that seat look comfortable? The seats are very wide and low, but not low enough to cause discomfort, but enough to give you a nice cruiser feeling. The pillion seat does have a back rest. Perfect for covering some extra miles without frequent breaks or numbness. And the leather looks premium too.


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There are three variants.

  1. The Fireball comes for Rs. 1,75,825
  2. The Stellar comes for Rs.1,81,342
  3. The Supernova comes for Rs. 1,90,536.

There are no major differences between the three apart from styling differences. The Fireball misses out on 3D decals and chrome finish etc.

What is interesting is, the prices are lower that the Honda H’Ness or CB350. The CB 350 DLX has a price of 1.85 Lakhs and the DLX Pro has a price of 1.90 Lakhs.

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