Top 10 Kickass Modifications For Motorcycle Touring Beginners!

Mass produced motorcycles are made to the requirements of the most common rider. But you aren’t just a common rider, are you?

Motorcycle isn’t something that is ‘one size fits all’. Every person is structured differently, and they have different requirements and purpose. So, it is advisable to tinker your motorcycle according to your needs, and not just be content with what comes out of the assembly line. For that you need motorcycle touring accessories.

That is exactly why we are back with, top 10 kickass modifications, to raise the level of comfortableness for long distance motorcycle touring. I have also added the links where you can get it.

10 kickass modifications for motorcycle touring beginners!

Lets start with basics:

1. The Seats

How many times does it happen with you that after riding for an hour, you have to take a stop because you gluteus maximus gets numb? Too often right?

The solution for this is to get a comfortable seat or something like Fego Float which is an air cushion that is designed to distribute the vibrations evenly amongst all cells so that you can ride longer, without butt pain. The best thing about it is, you can just strap it to stock seat! This will cost you Rs. 2,099, you can look for other options according to your budget.

fego float
Fego Float strapped to normal seats.

2. Handlebars

You might have different reach than the handlebars were designed for. It is better to customize your handlebars, so that you don’t have to reach higher or further. This reduces pressure on your wrists and shoulders.

And also if you are a frequent saddler, and tall, then it is useful if your handle bars are a little raised so that you don’t have to reach out , while standing on your foot-pegs. In that way, you are standing upright and your entire weight is on those pegs, which gives better control. You can also use your knee joints as a shock absorber.

motorcycle touring
A rider saddling on a TVS Apache RTR 200.

3. Panniers Mount, Top Box Mount And Fuel Rack

It is always advisable to travel light, but there are things that you can’t miss. You need space to keep all that items safely. Panniers on both sides and a top box is more than enough to fit in some necessary items that you will be using throughout your travel. You can add in a tank bag, to store important items like your wallet, driving license, registration papers, so that they are handy.

It is important that the panniers and top box are detachable and not wielded to the mount, so that you can remove them at your stay. Also, fix a fuel rack that can hold a jerry can for storing fuel. It might not come to use, but you should keep it just in case.

Panniers and top box

4. Engine Guard and Frame Sliders

Any damage to the engine can cost you a ton to repair. To avoid a hole in your pocket, you must use an engine guard. It also prevents all the motorcycle weight from falling on top of your legs in case of crash or tip-over. It protects all the painted surfaces and the handlebars. They can also be used as mount point for other accessories such as auxiliary lights and fuel rack.

engine guard 1
Engine Guard on a Triumph Tiger

Frame sliders are also useful to reduce damage in case of a crash or tip over by acting as a buffer between the bike frame and ground.

5. Auxiliary Lights

On the highway, every oncoming vehicle use highbeam. So, riding at night is a very dangerous proposition. The stock headlights aren’t particularly useful during night. To supplement the stock lights, you must install auxiliary lights or fog lights. After all a little brightness won’t hurt you.

Talking about buying the right type of auxiliary light will take another blog, as there are many different types of aux-light. Check the Lumens and type of focus before buying.

aux light
Auxiliary Light

6. Throttle Clamp (Cruise Control)

Tired of having to hold the throttle on long rides? What if you can get cruise control for 800 bucks! Yes, I am not kidding.

You can get a throttle clamp for Rs. 800. It is a clamp, which you attach to your throttle and it rests on your brake lever. So all you have to do is, pull your throttle to the desired position, then push the clamp so that it rests on the brake lever and release the throttle.

This can be particularly useful on long rides, so that you can relax your hands for a few minutes. However, use this only when you are absolutely sure about it.

throttle control
Throttle Clamp

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7. GPS/Mobile Mount With Charger

To plan you ride and to stay on track you need GPS assistance. You can add a GPS mount on your motorcycle, so that the correct path is always in front of you. You should choose a mount with in built charging facilities, so that you don’t have to worry about battery draining out.

gps mount
Mobile Phone Mount with Charger

8. Wind Shield

When you ride on the highway, windblast is a major contributor to fatigue. If your bike has the provision to install an aftermarket wind-shield, it is recommended to use one. Other than protecting the rider from windblast, it also protects the rider against insects and small debris.

If you are riding under harsh weather, it can protect you against raindrops and cold air. At high speeds, even raindrops feel like bullets hitting your body.

windshield 3
Custom Windshield

9. Footpegs and Grips

You can opt for aftermarket foot pegs which are wider and are comfortable. It will be helpful particularly if you ride long distances.

Nowadays, some bike come with heated grips and seats. You can go for that if you want. Or if you want more comfort you can opt for palm rest. Which is a plastic, flat thing protruding out of your grip, where you can rest your palm comfortably.

palm rest
Palm Rest
Custom Foot-rest

10. Handguards or Knuckle Guards

Last but not the least. This will give your bike a more off-road look along with protecting your hands and knuckles from serious injuries. This also protects you hand from cold windblast and keeps your hand warm.

You can opt for normal handguards or fancy ones with LED indicator lights, or just the knuckle guards.

Hand Guards

That concludes our list of 10 kickass modifications for motorcycle touring beginners. We hope that you liked it and found our choices useful. Let us know if we are missing something.

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