6 Innovative Bike Rental Startups in India — Why buy, when you can rent any bike you like.

I remember whenever I used to travel south, most of the local busses would be numbered in local dialect. It was a time before OLA and Uber, and hiring a taxi was like asking someone “Please rip me off”!

Those days, money spent on travelling, staying and food, would be near equal to money spent on going from one place to other INSIDE the city alone. And with no Google Maps to your rescue, auto drivers would just rip you off by taking a longer route, and you wouldn’t even realise.

But those things has become so obsolete.

Today, India has 11,000 startups and is World’s third largest startup hub. There is hardly any sector where an Indian tech company hasn’t entered. And if there is one, I am sure if Ambani hears a thing, Reliance is gonna enter that too.

E-commerce, food, health, transport, finance, clothing, travel, accomodation, education, you name it. Transport industry isn’t too far behind. We have seen Electric Vehicles startups like Revolt , car-taxi startups, car rental startups, bike rental startups and bike-taxi startups.

Imagine this. In pre-google-map-era, even to find a good restaurant, you had to ask so many people for directions. And chances are their taste buds doesn’t match your taste buds.

But now, even if you are in an unknown city, you have literally everything, available at your fingertips. You can book a room, you can book a cab to your hotel, you can order food from your phone. You can check reviews for different restaurants. You can book movies, you can…! You got my point.

One thing you can not do is, you can not take a road trip without being on the road. You can not visit places. For that you need to be physically present to experience the beauty of a place. Even visiting places and roaming around the city has become easier today. If you are on a budget and can’t hire a cab to roam around the city, time for you to rent a bike, fill her up, and zoom away. (Not Zoomcar)

Here are a few startups that are successfully providing motorcycles or any two-wheelers, to be rented as pay per use.

Some of this startups are available in selected cities, so we will try to list those if possible. You can also check them out, we will link their website.

Bike Rental Startups in India

ONN Bikes

bike rental

Founded in 2015 by Namit Jain and Shanky Munoth, ONN Bikes is a tech-driven Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform. It provides affordable and easy transport to end consumer, where in they can rent a bike for a day, two, or a week. It also provides short-term rental / long-term leasing services (up to one year) to companies which are into delivery services and require their last-mile delivery or sales be done using two-wheelers. They are also looking to switch to electric vehicles, which might increase revenue and decrease maintenance resulting in better profit. Given the growth electric vehicles market is seeing, that’s a wise decision.

With 3,000 bikes in its repertoire, ONN has three types of offers, daily/weekly, 30-days and Rent-to-own. Daily/weekly is one for the end consumers, who can rent their bikes for a few hours or a few days.

It also offers B2B service with the 30/30+ day plan, where businesses can rent their bikes to do their last-mile delivery. Ola and Uber are its main clients.

The third offer, Rent-to-own offers you a way to own your own bike (second-hand) with easy monthly payments (EMIs). They offer doorstep delivery and 1 year free maintenance/service with this.

Cities Operating In:

  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Udaipur
  • Mysuru
  • Ahmedabad

How to rent a bike on ONN Bikes?

While on several sites I learnt they are offering service in 9 cities, I could see only see six in their official website. They offer most of the popular 2-wheelers, from Honda Activa to Bajaj Dominar. However, only select few were available. I could not avail my choice of motorcycle, which was the Honda Hornet 2.0. But they had a like for like replacement in Pulsar NS200, which was available.

Cost is very affordable, starting from as low as Rs.109 per day for Honda Navi to Rs. 419 for a day for RE Thunderbird 350x. (Calculated from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM same day) Excluding fuel.

You have to provide your driving license proof and ID proof. Then you need to choose a pick-up spot from a list of spots available nearby. You have to return at the same location you picked up from. There will be a certain number of free Kms after which additional charge of Rs.2 per additional Km.

Simple process, availability is the issue here. Both in terms of city and choice of motorcycle.



RenTrip is a very popular motorcycle renting startup. Founded by Agam Raghav in 2016. They offer motorcycles for rent on a hourly/daily/monthly basis. They also offer guided motorcycle tours in some very popular destinations like Leh-Ladakh, Spiti valley and even All-India tours.

They offer services in 50+ cities. It is impossible to name all of them but you can consider most of the popular cities or you can check it on their website. They also allow private dealers (Rental) to use their platform to reach their customers. Which is why they are able to grow to so many cities.

How to rent a bike with RenTrip?

Charges are not the lowest in business but are certainly affordable, but they provide services in most of the popular cities which is a plus. Prices range from Rs. 297 per day for scooters to Rs. 2500 for top-end models like RE Continental GT. Who doesn’t love continental(food)?

Although helmet should be free, dealers charge Rs. 50 per a day for one helmet. There are some limited Kms per day, after which you are charged Rs. 4 for every additional Km.

A security deposit is required which will be refunded after returning the bike in proper condition. You require to submit a photocopy of your driving license, passport size photograph and address proof. It would have been better if it were done digitally to avoid hassle. And you have to return the motorcycle at the same pick up location.

Royal Brothers

Royal Brothers

Royal Brothers was the first government licensed bike rental service in India. After being founded in 2015, by Abhishek Chandrasekhar, Akash Suresh and Kuldip Purohit, it has grown to offer services in 64 of the most popular cities in India. It offers rented motorcycles for consumers on a hourly/daily basis, along with guided tours from Manali-Leh and back to Manali.

RoyalBrothersX is a monthly subscription plan, which offers sanitised bikes delivered to your doorstep. It includes free maintenance and servicing. You have to pay upfront for one month + the security deposit and for every subsequent month you have to pay at the start of each month.

Royal Brothers also facilitates private dealers to join hands and use the tech-mobility platform to offer their services to the consumers for a profit.

How to rent a bike with Royal Brothers?

The rental cost ranges from Rs 453-1197 (Scooter-RE Classic 350) per day (9:00 AM to 9:00 AM subsequent day). Each has a prespecified free Km limit after which an additional charge will be added. There is a refundable deposit (Rs. 500) which you have to pay upfront. 10% discount available for new users.

After payment, you will receive a pick up address by email, where you have to submit your ID proof and driving license. (Doorstep delivery is for monthly subscription plan only). You have to return at the same address.



ZipHop was started in Goa, now has expanded its services to 7 cities. It is a self-driven car and bike renting platform. Founded by Apoorv Agarwal, who stumbled upon this idea while walking back to home from office after unsuccessful attempts to get an auto-rickshaw. You can book bikes by the day or by hour.

Available Cities

  • Bangalore
  • Goa
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Cochin
  • Munnar

How to rent a bike with ZipHop?

The user has to choose the city from the dropdown then enter the period he will be renting the vehicle for. A list of available vehicles is shown with pickup location, price and terms and conditions. There is an option for getting the vehicle delivered to your doorstep.



WickedRide’s story is amazing. It is India’s first luxury bikes renting service. It is probably the only bike rental offering premium bikes such as Harley Davidson’s Street 750, and that too without any security deposit. Its fleet includes, Continental GT 650, Interceptor 650, Dominar 400, Apache RR 310, Jawa42, Harley Davidson’s Street 750. You can check the rent for these here. Street 750 costs Rs. 178 per hour or Rs. 2,553 per day. Minimum billing is Rs. 1,330 (10 Hours). Yes, now you can ride a superbike, without owning a superbike.

They do have a scooter rental wing called Bounce, which is available in six cities Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Hubli and Dharwad.

Available Cities

  • Bangalore
  • Udaipur
  • Mysuru
  • Gokarna

How to rent a bike with WickedRide?

Simply specify the dates you are interested in and book your bike. You will receive a confirmation email with pick up address. You have to provide your driving license and ID proof while taking the delivery of your bike. There is 300 Km per 24 hours limit on every bike above which Rs. 5 per additional Km will be charged.



VOGO Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is a scooter rental service founded by Anand Ayyadurai, VOGO has 12,000+ vehicles operating in 3 cities. It uses the patented technology of starting the scooters using its mobile app. There are 500+ VOGO stations, from where you can pick up the scooter and after being done with your ride you can park it at the nearest Vogo station. Which means, you can do one-way trip too. Distance travelled is calculated by the app and money is automatically deducted from your wallet.

Available Cities

  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai

How to rent a bike on VOGO?

Vogo can be booked through their app, which show and directs you to the nearest Vogo station. You have to scan the QR code from the scooter and then the scooter is remotely started. You can monitor your Kms, time and start/stop using the app.

Driving license is uploaded while making an account. It has the option of adding money in your wallet so that money gets deducted after you finish your ride.

That concludes our list of 6 of the most innovative startups on bike rental service. Hope you liked reading. Stay around for Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: Can VOGO be dropped anywhere?

No, VOGO scooters can be dropped only near a VOGO station.

Q: How to start a Bike rental business in India?

You can contact any bike rental platform mentioned above like, RenTrip, Royal Brothers and get associated on their platform. You need to have a fleet of 5 bikes. Or you can make your own website/brand and start operating.

Q: Do I require driving license to rent a scooter?

Yes, you require driving license to rent a scooter.

Q: Can I rent a VOGO with Learner’s License?

Yes, you can use your Learner’s License to book any bike on any app.

Q: Which ID proof is required while renting a scooter?

Any ID proof with your photograph and name clearly visible. For example, Aadhar card, driving license, ration card, passport, college ID card from a certified college. Photocopy is also acceptable.

Q: What if my rented bike breaks down?

You will have to contact the customer care or dealer, they will assist you.

Q: What is my rented bike gets stolen?

You will have to file a FIR and oblige to help the authorities in investigation whenever required. You will have keep paying rent on the bike till the insurance is claimed.

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