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Aftermarket Exhaust – Good Or Bad For Your Bike?

How much thought do manufacturers put into designing the exhaust systems? Do they leave any space for improvement? The answer might be, yes!

Manufacturers don’t just take a random cylinder and fit it into the engine. Exhaust system can hugely affect the performance of your engine. There are several smaller part that goes into the exhaust pipe.

But, manufacturers have to consider emission regulations for sound and exhaust gases. So, they might or might not be able to produce an exhaust system that you like.

But hey, you have the option of an aftermarket exhaust!


By an aftermarket exhaust system. you can get rid of the catalytic converter. This allows a more free flow for the exhaust gases. Free flow of air means more horsepower.

You can also shed a significant amount of weight from your bike. Aftermarket exhaust manufacturers use ultra-light materials and removing catalytic converter also sheds a lot of weight.


Original exhaust systems are made to be as quiet as possible. And bikers don’t usually like that. Aftermarket exhaust can give you that low rumbling noise when idle and thunderous roar when revved.

Different aftermarket exhaust gives you different sounds, so you have the option of choosing the sound you like the most.

The Look

Aftermarket exhausts comes in various look. Bigger or smaller, shiny or matte, you name it. Manufacturers make them appealing by strategically placing carbon fibre. So, it will obviously make your bike stand out.

Here is what you should consider.

As aftermarket exhaust manufacturers “forget” adding catalytic converters, your bike may cause more pollution. So, stay within the emission limits set by the government. Also, while choosing the loudest exhaust, make sure it stays within permissible decibels.

My advice, a slip-on exhaust is convenient. It gets rid of the stock muffler only, not the whole exhaust system. Hence, it can give you better sound and style, while staying within the emission standards.

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